To Scale or Not to Scale

August 3, 2012 9:52 am by

Do you diet for the scale only? I used to. I have realized there is way more to a “diet” or a living healthy lifestyle than just the scale. We retain water, gain muscle, plateau, celebrate a special occasion, get sick and drop a few lbs. or sometimes life just gets in the way. The scale will fluctuate but that can’t be the end of world or the final victory. It’s about long-term, setting and reaching goals, eating clean, longevity and overall health.

When I first started my weight loss journey it was 100% about the scale – I just wanted to see that 265 shrink – to what?? I didn’t know but I hated that number, I hated the scale and I hated what I had done to my body. It was all about the scale and if it didn’t go “down” I hated myself and the scale!! I weighed myself every single day – every morning and sometimes that determined how well I ate that day or if I was going to cheat. Sad, I know!! But I have a feeling a lot of people go through that. After two and a half years of changing my eating habits and working out everyday I finally have a different outlook on the scale. Its still a struggle to not be obsessed with the scale but I am finding it easier to rely on feeling good, feeling strong and my desire to be healthy that keeps me eating clean and not overeating!!


As I sit here on vacation without my scale I am trying not to have withdrawals but every morning I wonder did I go up a lb or two? It’s scary after losing 105 lbs. to think about gaining weight … but it’s all a mindset and we have to retrain ourselves to stick to the basics, have balance and be healthy. My goal is to have a healthy view of food, eat to Live and not Live to eat!! I like the size clothes I’m wearing and maintaining that until I decide what the best weight is for me is my current goal!! I want to be healthy, strong and feel good about myself!!

So now to decide if I want my son to bring my scale when he joins us here on vacation … ???? or not!!!

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