The Newest, Fad, Trendy, Latest, Rage Diet!!!

April 30, 2013 6:25 pm by

The Newest, Fad, Trendy, Latest, Rage Diet!!!

Anyone heard of the HCG Diet?  How about the Military Diet?  Or there’s always the hottest new fad Paleo diet!!

I’m NOT an expert … and I do not know all the ins and outs of these listed diets and I’m not saying they are bad … but here is what I do know!!  I’ve just lost 107 lbs. … and this is what I learned.  “For me” my weight gain was because of my mind, nothing physically wrong with me, nothing hormonal or any uncontrollable reason I put on 100 lbs … just flat out disregard for my body and lack of self control.  Ok, so knowing that; to lose the weight I needed discipline and self control which meant I had to deal with some food demons and rid my mind of all the false lies I had told myself. (wasn’t worthy, didn’t deserve the body I wanted, it wasn’t possible, it’s too hard) or whatever else I had locked away in my mind. So to lose the weight that meant I had to deal with every issue – head on and get past it. So in my personal opinion, if you don’t deal with all those issues as you are losing the weight you will NOT keep it off.  Yes, we like to call it a head start, or a jump start … but when you get the weight off if you didn’t lose it the same way you will forever it keep it off then it won’t last.  It just won’t.  It can’t. Because unless you keep doing what you did to lose it – it will come back once you go back to your normal way of living. And not only will it come back it will sometimes come back two-fold. So, to lose the weight naturally and keep it off you must deal with all the reasons you put the weight on to begin with and sort those things out and make them right in your head. You must lose the weight the way you are going to keep it off, to say it simple.

You have to make some changes as you go, you can’t just dive into your weight loss journey and not fix the problem.  Well, you can but please expect to put the weight back on.  Been there, done that!!!!  More times than not.  So plan to lose weight slowly and make the lifestyle changes that you need to “keep” the weight off, not just “get” the weight off.  Don’t do anything to lose your weight that you won’t want to do for the rest of your life.  And get rid of all the lies and crap that’s been put in your head by either you or anyone else that helped you justify putting on the weight to begin with.

Have you gone through this?  Do you know what I mean?  Comment and let me know!!  I’d love to hear from you!!

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