Coconut Joe’s

August 10, 2011 2:00 pm by

So you’re at Coconut Joe’s and there are some GREAT options there!!  If you want to disappoint your scale then order the fries(fish and chips) but if you want to maintain or lose then Go for the Chicken.  Here’s how I order.

Two Piece Chicken all White Meat, all beans and corn tortillas  (flush it down with lots of water because there will be high sodium)

When you get your plate – FIRST OFF, remove the skin.  Get it out of the way (because for me it’s too tempting if it’s crispy) Then I load up my beans with a few containers of their wonderful salsa.  Again, I emphasize LOTS OF WATER.   If I eat any of the tortillas it would be one of the corn but usually I ask for no tortillas or bread.










Grilled Chicken Salad with Dressing on the Side (no croutons if it comes with … can’t remember)  Do NOT shake your dressing … pour off as much of the oil as possible and only use it sparingly on your salad if any at all.  I use maybe a tsp of the bottom of the dressing just to get the seasonings and then put about 3-4 salsa’s on top.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no spicy or special sauce OR ask for it on the side and just “taste” it or use sparingly), no cheese, no grilled onions or mushrooms, add extra lettuce (or other veggies that you love)

If you can, remove one layer of bread and replace the bread with your extra lettuce.  Choose the pot beans for your side and salsa.

The key is to avoid the starch and carbs of the rice, unneeded bread, and definitely Nothing fried.

If you like fish, only order their grilled option.  Always have the pot beans for your sides, drink lots of water and you should be Golden!!  :)


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