I’m Going to do This!! You with me??

July 24, 2011 12:31 pm by

I just finished my morning workout and I feel so refreshed and energized!!  It donned on me that “I Can Do This” !!  “I CAN Reach my Goal” !!  There is NOTHING that can stop me from reaching my goals, a goal that I have had since I was about 21 and never reached.  That’s a cryin’ shame … it shouldn’t have taken me that long to realize that nothing should stop me from reaching my goal.  I have wanted to be Lean, Fit and Muscular since I was a young girl and I’m going to do it NOW!!  I am 43 years old and NO EXCUSES.  If you have like-minded goals then join me … hold me accountable and I will do anything possible to help motivate you to do the same!!  Usually the number one fear that keeps people from reaching their goal is Fear.  But FEAR = False Emotions Appearing Real.   Don’t let FEAR be an excuse … don’t be afraid of the hard work and the road to get there.  It will take hard work; working out, healthy diet and yes some sacrifices.  I’m ready – are you?  Let’s Do This!!!!

Chalene Johnson said this morning during my workout just now:

“Life you want to make easier – Exercise you want to make harder” …

So true!  Let’s make life easier by being healthy, fit and lean and working out hard everyday … and let’s challenge ourself in our workouts and really make them count!!  Message me on fb or send me an email via any of my links if you’re looking for help and/or motivation!!

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