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Do you know what you’re eating?


You might want to check …


I just grabbed a can of La Victoria’s Green Enchilada Sauce for reference on the serving size and nutritional stats.  It was an eye opener for me, as I don’t think of MSG as a common ingredient that you would find in a can of Enchilada sauce.  The only reason I have a concern with MSG is it causes server migraines in my daughter.  I researched it, as usual, on Google and found an interesting article in Wikipedia about MSG.  Of course they say it’s safe when eaten in “usual amounts” … but what restaurant uses “usual amounts”??  Not many.  It also states in this article that MSG is known to worsen symptoms of Asthma … just something to consider.  So … I’m glad I have my homemade enchilada sauce to use :)

Other names for MSG are:

Sodium glutamate



Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein


So watch for this ingredient if you are someone you know is sensitive to MSG.


Here are common “pantry” items that have MSG.

Most processed foods of any sort.

Top Ramen

Mac N Cheese

Hamburger Helper

Most Campbell’s Soups

Any (or most) cheese or crackers with “color” i.e., Nacho Flavor Doritos

Salad Dressings, especially the “healthy” Spray dressings.

Most dip mixes and seasoning “mixes”


You can just about count on every burger chain adding MSG to all their products as according to the below websites there is NO LIMIT as to how much MSG they can add to their food.  And guess what … with the new “Cheeseburger Bill” no one can sue a fast food chain for ill effects of using the product MSG.   MSG is addicting people … and too many Americans are addicted to food and it’s no wonder why!!  Do your research and don’t fall into the trap that so many Americans have!!  Know what you’re eating and take care of your body …


Here are a couple of websites, one is a Government website I found and once there I searched “Obese MSG”.  I encourage you to research on your own.


Government website:


I always try to be fair and list the actual website of the culprit itself so I’m not just being biased and negative:


One More Google Search:


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  • Julie says:

    My mom cooks with MSG all the time. Funny thing is when I started cooking for myself I’d use it but never tasted much of a difference — I probably wasn’t using enough! Isn’t it funny that Chinese and Japanese restaurants feel obligated to post “NO MSG” on their signage yet American food is full of it?

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