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August 26, 2011 7:21 am by

Do you feed your kids the way you feed yourself?  Most of us don’t.  By now we have realized the importance of Health and Nutrition, Diet and Exercise and we feed our body for nutrition, energy and longevity.  But for some reason we think our children can eat differently and somehow they will be fine.

Do you eat frozen waffles in the morning for breakfast with sugar ridden syrup?

Do you eat honeynut cheerios and gold fish crackers all morning and in the car?

Do you eat McDonalds or Wendy’s chicken nuggets frequently?  Panda Express and Taco Bell more than once a week?

Do you eat hot dogs on a regular basis, or a frozen corn dog, frozen pizzas or Hot Pockets?

Do you eat Mac N Cheese or Ramen Noodles for lunch and dinner with a few steamed veggies that get left on your plate?

This is what I hear, a lot, that kids eat.  This is what I hear the parents say they feed their kids.  While they eat their salads and lean protein they are

feeding their children TRASH!!  I see it on facebook and I hear it in conversation … “this is all my kid will eat”…

I know it’s a struggle and sometimes a fight to get your kids to eat healthy – feed them what “you” eat!!

Trust me, as the mother of two teenagers, 16 and 18, and thousands of dollars spent with the trainer to un-do all the bad habits I let them get away with and I taught them… STOP the INSANITY now!!

Feed your kids what you eat, they may skinny and lanky now … but they won’t stay that way if you feed them junk and let them get away with it now.  You get only “1” chance to raise a healthy kid – start TODAY and make it a healthy kid who knows how to eat healthy and make wise decisions!!  The way they eat today is how they will probably eat the rest of their lives!!


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