My Ultimate Reset

September 1, 2012 10:45 am by

I am on Day 12 of “The Ultimate Reset” which is a Detox three-phase program designed to reset your body without starvation or setting near a bathroom all day.  It is a deep and total health transformation.  For me it has done some already Amazing things!!  In this toxic world we live in, we need to realize what our bodies are going through just breathing the dirty air we breath.  This Detox is cleaning and removing heavy metals from my body among other things.












What I have learned so far!!

There are so many wonderful alternatives to protein!!  I have always thought I “NEEDED” chicken and meat, however, I am 10 days into a vegetarian diet and I feel great.

There are many ways to feel full and satisfied eating RAW foods and not consuming any junk food.

There are healthy alternatives to the traditional American style fat we eat.

It has opened my eyes to a broader palette – I’m excited daily to see what’s new like Tempeh, Amino Acids, Kabachi and other Squashes and veggies.

How I feel:

At first I was real sleepy.  When our bodies are going through a detox we can become sore and tired and sleepy as the toxins are leaving our bodies.  I felt like I had the flu for a couple days.  Nothing intolerable I just had to take it easy.  No exercising during the reset – only walking and stretching so our bodies can clean itself out, heal and rest.  I have gone through emotional stages where I wanted to cry, I have had a feeling of euphoria and sometimes I just wanted to sit and stare at the wall with no energy to do anything else.  The biggest thing I have felt is bloated.  Now I’m not sure why this is occurring but from all the forums I’ve been on that apparently is very common for women.  I am down 8 lbs. today and feel bigger than when I started.  Why?  I’m not sure!!  I’ll be researching that more.  I am also finding it very difficult to think and concentrate.  I feel like I have really bad ADHD or something … but I know this too will get better.


Already I have lost 8 lbs. – that’s definitely an advantage.  My colon and intestines and digestional track are being completely cleaned and that will aid my metabolism and my body in losing weight and feeling great.  I have discovered many new great foods.  I have an appreciation for RAW foods and minimally processed foods (if any at all).  I have a new love for Healthy Fat.  The fat I have always avoided (avocado’s, nuts, evoo) now I am eating DAILY and am losing weight every single day.  I will never deprive myself of the foods God provided for us in their raw form again!!  I am also eating about 3 cups of fruit for breakfast and still lose weight – the same fruit that I avoided like the plague to get my 105 lbs. off over the past two years.  Never again!!!!

So to sum it up – I feel great, I am enlightened and I know I’m healthier!!  I will post some recipes that will forever be in my kitchen as I go through the rest of the reset.

Have a Blessed Day!!


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