OUTBACK (yummy)

August 13, 2011 2:25 pm by

Did you know you can go to Outback while you’re on your weight loss journey and still be successful on the scale???

Nooooo you can’t order the Bloomin’ Onion at a whopping 1,966 Calories and 160 g FAT and 4078 mg Sodium … WOW I just gained 2 lbs. typing that out!!!!  :(

But you can have a slice of bread with no butter, a Salad with dressing on the side or just ask for Lemon and Balsamic Vinegar and make your own right there at the table.

For your meal did you know you can ask them to do yours “LIGHT”??  To them, this means DO NOT dip her healthy grilled chicken breast into the melted butter and salt it just before putting it on her plate!!!  And don’t steam her broccoli and then spray it with butter and salt and seasonings.  If you order it “Light” they will grill it and plate it!!   I double check this information each time I order (as this is one of my husband’s fav places to eat) just to be sure nothing has changed and to be sure my waiter/waitress knows about this.  I can sure tell a difference if they do it wrong and douse my chicken in butter.  But if they do, it goes right back!!

Do NOT be afraid to ask questions and let your wait person know that you are a healthy eater and that you don’t want all the fat, calories and sodium.  Ask them to not season your chicken if you have Sodium limitations (High Blood Pressure)!!  Ask them to cater to you, that is why you “PAY” them to make your meal.  Don’t just sit there and feel like you have to eat all the unhealthy ingredients just because that’s how the menu shows it.

After dinner enjoy a nice cup of coffee (DECAF) if you’d like to go home and be able to sleep – ask for some fat free milk, put your Stevia in it and it’s the best closure to a great meal and you feel like you’ve had dessert!!  :)

Here are a couple examples of what NOT to eat at Outback … just as simple as Sauteed Mushrooms added to your chicken can ruin your entire meal, check out the Sodium and 10 grams of fat just for what’s on top of your chicken!!







Here is the Chicken Dinner which I do believe is with the butter and stuff added, since a Chicken Breast is aprx. 120 Calories with NO skin.








You can easily do this with a nice piece of grilled fish or lean cut of beef!!  You can also ask for the green beans the same way as the brocolli.  Oh and if you want a baked potato – just don’t eat the skin, limit your salt and put the butter on yourself and go easy!!

Try it out …. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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