Post Ultimate Reset – a Great New Appreciation!!

September 16, 2012 5:15 pm by

A while back I posted about the scale.  Well, I decided not to track my weight and live by the scale while on my two week vacation.  What did that do for me?  Did it work for me or against me?  Considering I gained 7 lbs. while on vacation, I’m sure some would think it worked against me – others might say Oh well … you enjoyed your vacation.  I did enjoy my vacation.  I indulged and had food that I love but didn’t binge eat and I continued to workout at the gym while we were gone.  I do know that I didn’t gain 7 lbs. of fat and I now have my vacation weight off, thanks to the Ultimate Reset Detox we did post vacation which lead to an entirely new thinking about food.

What the Ultimate Reset did for me is make me realize the value of good Healthy Food and Ingredients.  Whether it be Raw food, steamed or cooked, indulge in “healthful” foods.  Healthy natural foods can do so much for your body.  Hipocrates said:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”

I’m sure I heard that when I was younger but for some reason somethings just don’t set-in until we are older.  But now, it all makes sense to me.  And I can actually “appreciate” that quote.  My cousin years back said to me in her death bed as she lied in hospice dying of cancer at the age of 45, Don’t ever drink Diet Soda’s, that is why I’m here!!    WOW, that stuck with me like glue.  Ever since then I have been on a mission to find out the truth about diet sodas and the chemicals we put in our bodies.  Talk about controversy … it hurts my brain to read both sides of this controversy but I continually watch for new evidence while at the same time avoiding Aspartame like the plague just in case she was right.  Maybe that was a word from God – who am I to say … but it was enough for me to take it to heart and think about what I put in my body.  Yes I know we will all die of something – but I say – if we don’t have to die “miserable” then why not!!

During the Ultimate Reset we ate SO MUCH Fruit I thought I was going to turn into Watermelon!!  We ate nuts and avocado’s and an entire bottle of Olive Oil and TONS of Pink Himalayan Salt.   Every one of those things that I have deprived myself of for the past 3 years in my weightloss journey.  And, I lost 10 lbs. eating those foods.  What was the difference?  Why was I able to eat all those fatty and high sugar foods and lose weight?  Well for one, we were eating nothing processed and very little meat.  We were avoiding the “White” ingredients altogether.  Also during this time I caught the last Raw Foods Class at Lassens due to the lady moving out of Bakersfield, and was thoroughly impressed with her amazing recipes and even her cake which was the BEST Cake that has ever gone past my lips!!  And I thought she baked it.  Nope – it never touched the oven.  It was 100% raw and organic and DELICIOUS!!!    I cannot wait to get the recipe and try it.  So to sum this up – I will never deprive myself of the fruits I love so much and Avocado’s and nuts and olive oil and Salt!!  I still have not re-introduced meat back into my diet and I won’t as long as I feel as good as I do without it.  I do not miss it at all and feel good without it.  I feel like without eating meat I can eat more of the good healthy foods that I love and enjoy and get as much protein and vitamins and minerals and feel just as satisfied!!

Here is one of my favorite recipes that I made during the reset and will continue to eat forever more!!!

Zucchini Cashew Soup

2 small zucchini or 1 lg.  per serving (per person)

1/2 Cup Raw Cashews per serving of zucchini

Steam Zucchini until it’s soft, meanwhile, boil cashews in enough water to cover them.

In a blender blend your cashews, zucchini and a tiny bit of the water from the cashews depending on the thickness you desire.  To the blender add Pink Himalayan Salt to taste and Braggs Liquid Amino Acids, to taste (A NEW MUST HAVE IN YOUR KITCHEN – I PROMISE)**

Blend everything while it’s hot and it will be ready to serve from the blender.

This soup, with the braggs, is indescribably good!!  It tasted like the best Split Pea Soup or Broccoli cheddar soup made with ham hocks that I have ever had!!  Please try this soup and tell me what you think!!  My whole family loved it and it will be a staple through the winter months!!


**A word about Braggs!!

If you like Soy Sauce you will LOVE Braggs.  It looks, feels and tastes like Soy Sauce but is entirely healthy and low sodium!!  It’s wonderful on Rice, veggies, stir fry, salad dressings, well – Anything!!  Order some from or pick it up at Lassens or Cones.  I’m also going to ask Trader Joe’s if they can start carrying it as well!!


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