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Ever since I started my weight-loss journey it has of course been a challenge to eat out.  Even while you are losing weight you still have to live your life.  It has been told to me just don’t eat out… well that just doest work for me.  For one, we are out of town a lot and there is no way to get a home cooked meal while in a Hotel.   We are a very social family and eating out is just something we enjoy and not something I am willing to give-up completely.  Therefore, I have learned to make compromises.  Below is what I have found and learned to be the best options for eating out at a Mexican Food Restaurant.

Here’s how to order …

Our latest favorite is Red Pepper and here is what we order:

If everyone in your party has your same goal, to lose weight, then pass on the chips!!  If that’s not the case, decide in advance how many you are going to allow yourself.  Then stick to it.  I usually give myself 7 to 10 chips.  But I break them into pieces and eat a lot of salsa with each small piece since I really mostly eat the chips to get the salsa.  Believe it or not, I have actually asked for a bowl of my own salsa and eaten it with a spoon… Seriously!!  :)  I love tomatoes and salsa so much I could live on it.

For your meal:

Two taco’s (grilled fish or chicken) with Lettuce and Tomato Only.  Corn Tortillas dry (no oil)

Pot Beans (no rice)

I load everything with Salsa!!


Chicken or Shrimp Fajitas, with no oil.  Pot Beans only, avocado, no sour cream.  Corn Tortillas (eat 2 only Max)


You can order a Tostado or Taco Salad with no shell, grilled chicken and pot beans with no sour cream.  Or you may simply ask for a Grilled Chicken Salad with lemon and salsa and have them add Pot Beans.

Refried Beans at a restaurant always have Lard (pork fat) and way too much sodium … so always ask for Whole (Pot) or Black Beans.  Same thing with flour tortillas … if they taste good they are NOT good for the diet so stick with the healthier option, corn or “no” tortillas.


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