Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

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This recipe is super easy and not very time consuming.  It is healthy and high in protein with minimal fat and very decent calories for the flavor you get.  I love cooking traditional Mexican dishes but unfortunately it takes a lot of Calories, Carbs and Fat to make them “traditional”.  My family (the 4 of us) packed on 258 lbs. over 10 ten years by my “traditional” cooking.  Can you believe that?  That’s like a large person!!  That is how much we have lost to date … but there’s more coming off… so stay tuned.  I’m DETERMINED to make a new “tradition” and eat DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOOD!!!!  :))  Stay with me!!

For the chicken enchiladas you will need the following:

Mission “Extra Thin” Corn Tortillas (available at any groc. store, even Target and WalMart)

3-4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (amount depends on how much chicken you want in your dish and how many people you want to serve)

2 Pasilla Chiles (dark green – they look like thin dark green bell peppers)

8 Tomatillos (light grn. and look like they have a paper coating over green tomatoes)

2 Green Chiles (light grn. long and thin)

1 Jalapeno

1 White Onion

2-4 Cloves Garlic

2 tsp. Cumin

2 tsp Garlic Powder

Salt to taste (try to keep at minimum – stats below are based on 1 tsp.)

Pepper to taste

1 tsp white vinegar

1 TBS lemon juice

1 Cup Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth or water

2 TBS Flour

Cooking Spray (I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Canola Spray – yellow cap)

Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt

Green Onions

Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese Mexican Blend  (available in many brands)

Ok so this all about Portion Control.  When you are making this I use a skillet to accommodate the servings and try to picture the servings as I’m layering it so when I serve it everyone will have their own portion of the skillet.  I hope that make’s sense.  :)  This is not about making food for an army and having leftovers … we are going for portion control right now.

Cook your chicken either in a crock pot and shred it … or cook it diced in a skillet with water and Canola cooking spray, brown first then drop your temp and let it cook slower until tender.  Season your chicken with your favorite low salt seasonings.

Wash and cut open your peppers and remove seeds if you want it really mild.  Cut in half and place on cookie sheet sprayed with your Canola spray.  Clean and cut Tomatillos in half and place cut side up.  Cut onion into half and then quarters and place on cookie sheet with garlic cloves.  Spray all veggies with Canola Spray and Broil until all edges start turning crispy golden brown.  Be careful when you pull it out of the oven not to breath in the vapors … (lol I learned this the hard way).

Put all veggies with all the seasonings above into blender with vinegar, lemon juice and flour and blend until smooth.  If you want it thicker then add water or chicken broth a little bit at a time until you reach your desired consistency  – you want it to be the same consistency as canned Enchilada sauce.

Now you’re ready to layer in your skillet.

Spray skillet with Canola Spray, shred your tortillas into large bite-sized pieces and put in bottom of skillet.  Layer with chicken and a little of the sauce, and repeat.  I use the number of tortillas I want each person to eat (hence the portion control) don’t just use the entire bag of tortillas.  :)  Top with remaining sauce and put about 1 Cup of Cheese (about 1 cup for 4 people).  Cover with lid and let simmer on low until tortillas have softened and cheese is completely melted.  Garnish with Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt and diced green onions.  Excellent served with a Fresh Green Salad and Pot Beans, steamed Zucchini or corn on the cob … anything like that … Healthy, Healthy, Healthy!!!

When you serve this – keep in mind your serving size … it may take some doing, but train your kids and family that they do not NEED to get STUFFED with each meal … eat until you are full … eat well balanced and eat your sides!!!!  The sides are veggies and where you will help get full and healthy … it’s all about Re-Training our minds to Eat to Live!!!   You are re-fueling your body until your next meal … not eating like there is NO tomorrow.  When your gas tank is low, you re-fill it … you cannot shove more into it than it will hold, right?  So do that with your bodies!!

I hope you enjoy this … my family sure did!!

Calories and Nutritional Stas per serving:

Calories:  409

Fat:  8.8 grams

Carbs:  32

Fiber:  4.63

Sugar:  14 grams

Protein:  50 grams

Sodium:  1100 grams

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