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Temptations come at us don’t they!!  Thanks a lot Kashi – for sending me a box of the most irresistible crackers…

I purposely do not buy “snaky” type crackers because I just want to sit around and eat them.  So what do I find in my mailbox today?  A box of delicious (how do I know this?  Because I opened them) Kashi TLC Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt Pita Crisps.  YUMMMO!!  So even when I do not invite temptation in … it still shows up.  So you may be thinking what’s the big deal, it’s just a box of crackers.  Well if you’re like me, you can’t eat just one.  So the box becomes the problem when I don’t want to put it down.   We can succumb to the temptation and eat way more than we should (which I used to do way more than I should have) or we can try “portion control” and take out a serving and put the rest away and leave them alone.  If you’re like me though they keep nagging at you as if they are calling your name.  How do I resist?  Get a large glass of iced tea and something really healthy if I’m hungry, like a banana or an apple.  I know that sounds so cliche’ … but darn it … it’s just what needs to be done.  When I was on my way to 262 lbs. I would laugh at someone if they told me “eat an apple if you’re hungry”.  HA!!!  Chocolate covered apple?  MAYBE!!  That darn apple wasn’t going to satisfy me even if I followed it up with a large glass of water which is what everyone also recommended.   So in the “real” world … when you have those temptations thrown in your face how do we really handle them?  Well for me, I have to get active, in a hurry.  Go grab something to put in my mouth that’s healthy but follow it up with “change of scenery”.  I go outside and water my plants, clean something, go pay bills, work on my to-do list and get out of the mode that got me thinking about food or eating.  I also will give the culprit food to my daughter or son and say will you please get these away from me?  And they are more than happy to help me.  Now if they needed to lose weight or couldn’t handle the temptation either I wouldn’t use that one.  The other thing I do is put it in the freezer.  For some reason the freezer is a No Touch Zone.  I can put something in the freezer and not go back to it for months and by that time it’s old and I don’t even want it anymore.

Something else you can do is find an accountability partner to call and say “hey, I’m wanting something really bad right now that’s just not good for me, will you tell me 10 reasons why I shouldn’t eat it?” … that really works.  You can try praying, going for a walk but do SOMETHING besides sit and gorge on the culprit food.  I know it’s hard!!!  I’m there… it’s not fun… but if we want to reach our goals then things have to change.  Things must be DIFFERENT.  If things did not become “different” then we couldn’t change and reach our goals.  I want to be Thin, Healthy, Fit, Lean and muscular and I want to reach my goals.  That means I must do anything I can to avoid temptations that are not healthy, and find that inner strength to get through my day right on track and in my calorie range.   And remember, if it’s too late and you have already fallen off the wagon – end it there … don’t drag it out.  Pick yourself up and start over immediately!!  Call someone and tell them, find an accountability partner and make this happen!!!!

I’m walking in your shoes too if this sounds like you – so I know how it feels and how hard it is.

But we can do this!!!

I’m going to go put these crackers in the freezer and start on a new recipe to post for tonight … :)

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  • Dayna says:

    Great article Tammy !! And just when I needed it… I was convincing myself that I REALLY needed to try a piece of that chocolate pie that I made this weekend. ” After all, it IS a new recipe” Think I’ll make myself a glass of lemon water and get the bills paid instead =)

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