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June 24, 2011 8:55 pm by

Is it Possible?

Can it be done?

Can you be Passionate about Food and Cooking, Eating and Entertaining … and eat a Clean, low fat, low calorie, low sodium lifestyle/diet?

I hope so!!! Why? Because I don’t want to be forced to lose my passion for cooking, eating and entertaining, just because I want to be Healthy!!

Welcome to Tammy’s Table … where I aspire to lose weight, get in shape, live and eat a Clean Healthy Lifestyle, all the while, enjoying food, entertaining, cooking and baking!!

I will be blogging about Food, Entertaining, Eating, Cooking and Baking using Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Healthy recipes. My goal is to be able to take the BEST, Most Delicious, Unhealthy, fattening recipes, and turn them into something you can be proud to eat!!

I will be giving you hints and tips to get you started on your weight loss journey, recipes and key ingredients. Or just good ideas to help you eat and cook healthier if weight-loss isn’t your current goal or need.

I was reminded by someone the other day at lunch about how important it is to not wait until it becomes a necessity to eat healthy. It really matters what we put into our bodies now, as to how healthy we will be in the future. An elderly woman noticed that my husband ordered his omelet with Egg Whites only and no oil or butter with veggies only. She commented on how healthy he was eating and said she wished she would have started that when she was his age because she’s had a couple of bypasses … WOW What an eye opener!! Just when you want to pout because you want the butter and bacon in your omelet, you get reminded of how precious our Health is and are commended for the healthier choices. Now don’t get me wrong, butter is a healthy fat, and a little bacon won’t “kill” you … but it’s the daily habits and the moderation that is important. My goal is to share what I have learned over the past couple of years, and wish I knew long before that … I hope you enjoy.

Check back frequently for recipes, tips on new ideas and ingredients to help us all stay healthy and stay on track to reach our weight loss goals.

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